The heart of who we are as a church is a family doing “life” together. We do not see Church as something we go to once a week with people we only see on Sundays. Instead, Radial Church is a family that “shares life” with one another as we seek to follow Jesus. When it comes down to it, we define a community of faith as a group of people who explore and interpret the Bible together and then apply it in mission as they share life together. This is often informal and organic. Scheduled and organized opportunities for Shared Life and service include: Discipleship huddles, Faith Collectives, Flourish 44703, and more!


Faith Collectives are small churches within the Radial network. These gatherings occur every other week of the month with and for the specific focus of community, exploring Scripture, and mission. Multiplicative in nature, these missional communities of 10-20 people meet within people's homes and the marketplace on various times throughout the week. Radial currently offers several Faith Collectives for you to connect with--each in a unique setting with a unique purpose--with more launching soon!

Faith Collectives will be moving to a new schedule in November. For more information, email



Every Sunday at 6pm at our new building (115 Brown Ave NW), all within the Radial family gather as one body to celebrate Jesus with one another in a night of worship.  Energetic music, engaging and interactive teaching, and Radial Kids ministry all serve to provide opportunities to connect with God and one another in worship.


For more information as to how to Connect with us, please email us at