This Tale Has Two Endings

March 12, 2014

Such energy and enthusiasm we experienced at The Martin Center during its opening night for Radial Church. The band was playing with such purpose that is unlike anything I’ve seen from what our talented musicians have done before. And how can we forget the larger group gathered as we now have more faith collectives, or house churches, in operation. Of the many prayers I’ve had answered the past year, to see Radial Church’s growth is at the top of the list. This was such a great way to celebrate the growth of our church by having it in a building that we can now call ours (at least for every other Sunday night). So why oh why, Pastor White, did you have to crash this party with a sermon that really gives us an itch we can’t scratch?

I think I know why we picked the opening night at The Martin Center to begin the series called “Versus”. It’s because that’s what I’ve seen is the core of Radial Church. A different collection of believers from different walks of life that aren't afraid to discuss passages from the Bible that can be unsettling. In Exodus 14, Moses sees the word unsettled in action when his fellow Israelites criticize him for having them leave Egypt to wander in the desert. What does this bring to mind? A change for the best requires two things: a great risk and an even greater sense of faith.

"Do not fear, stand your ground, and watch The LORD at work" is what Moses tells the worried, hesitant Israelites. And boy does The LORD work! He buries the oppressive Egyptian army in The Red Sea. They were a people that denied The LORD and became their own gods. It didn’t bring much of a reward. But let’s focus on the Israelites.

They bring to mind the meaning of these words: complacency, poor self-image, and fear. Just like a drug addict, alcoholic, gambling addict, one addicted to possessions, money greed, power, sex, pride and so many other ways to destruction, they would rather stay in something they already know instead of venturing off into the unknown. It’s the human tendency of staying with what we know rather than trying something new. And the sad part is, staying with what’s already known is what we sometimes do… even when it hurts us.

So what produced the change? As Pastor White said, the Israelites were not alone. It is some circumstance in our lives or through someone we meet that we are brought to a turning point. Our lives are like books being written in the vast library of eternity. There will come a day, inevitably, when something or someone comes upon us telling us to venture out into the unknown to break the shackles that now bind us. From this decision, we become the author in our own story. Thus the question is raised: how will our tale end?

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