What to do with who you are

June 8, 2015

I am struck by how the Kairotic moments—those moments where God births His Kingdom into our lives—often are woven together by the same thread. While we as humans are bound to chronos—the linear and temporal time of this world—God freely allows the cyclical time of eternity, kairos, to have collisions in our lives. He does this to both, “bring down” the Kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven” and to enable us to grow upward in Christ-likeness… as children of the King… image-bearers of God—a sort of “every valley being filled and every mountain and hill being leveled,” as it were.

In doing so, God forms our identity.

This identity informs how we do what we do, and to where and with whom we do it with.

In other words, our calling is what you do with who you are.

Our calling is what you do with who you are.

This is been a revelatory idea that God has given us at Radial that informs how we approach life, ministry, and discipleship. We’ve realized that we have been called by God to be what our good friend Terry Hofecker dubbed “mirror holders.” We are to hold the proverbial mirror up to people so that they may discover who they are in Jesus, and in the discovery and cultivation of that identity (largely done in community) engage their world as citizens and conduits of the Kingdom of God.

And so, we’ve arrived at the conclusion that one’s call is simply the intersection of our gifts, our passions, and our community’s needs. The intersection of these three things is our calling—and two-thirds of this calling (gifts and passions) is identity. It the overflow of this identity where God works through His people as “co-laborers in the ministry and message of reconciliation” and thus, seems to be the chief place where Satan seeks to attack us. I believe Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness gives biblical credence to this corollary. Out of the three noted temptation questions, two are Satan seeking to unravel Jesus’ identity: “If you are God’s Son, then…”

And so, as was aforementioned, there tends to be a common thread within our kairos moments that I believe God wants us to tug at in order to discover what He is shaping in our lives. Over the last month, God has been repeatedly bringing up both the necessity to engage others not yet within the community of God, and the posture by which we do so.

Perhaps the most exciting, challenging, and life-giving component of that thread have been three individuals that are piloting this Identity Incubator concept with me. This morning Hope, Jonathan, and Melany all opened their hearts to God’s activity in their lives and discovered very profound things—namely, God is not too much concerned with enacting some sort of sanctity exit-strategy to keep us pure and untainted by folks who do not follow Jesus—but rather, Jesus actually wants us to be willing to get messy in people’s lives.  

My three friends taught me today that through our identity, Jesus empowers us to be holy as He is holy, in leaving whatever bubble of safety and sameness is, to be mirror holders who do not yet see who they are to and in Jesus.

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