Who is your Nineveh?

July 27, 2015

The message of Jonah and the Whale was one of my favorite stories as a kid. Even in my adult years it always served as a reminder of what happens when you “run away” from Jah. Run away from Jah... How is that even possible? “You can’t run away from Someone who is everywhere and can observe all things at all times...” I would often say to myself. That was until today. 


The Story of Jonah and the Whale (big fish), when viewed in context, tells a deeper story.   Everyone knows the “what(s)” in this story—the whale (big fish), the ship, the cities Nineveh, and Tarshish.  But for the first time, it was evident to me that I was missing something huge... It was the who. The fact that Dustin pointed out, is that when we run from our calling, or “run from Jah”, we are abandoning someone who needs us. Everything we have and everything we are, is for someone else. Although we are blessed to be able to enjoy our gifts and our possessions etc, ultimately we are designed to share them. 


We need to see the Creator in people. As stated in the message, every time the Lord calls us, it is always a call to a people—not to a thing… not a job or career, and certainly not an office or position.  For the believer, our purpose is in direct relationship to the lives we touch.  


Metaphorically speaking, we could help define the “what” we are by asking the question, “what is you Tarshish?” But if we can answer the question “who” is our Ninevah, I believe that is where we will all find our purpose.

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