Radial Church is a unique church plant in Canton, Ohio helping others discover Jesus and who He created them to be.

Our vision is to become a Christ-centered community of hundreds of people infused with hope, faith, and love who reach thousands through the grace of Jesus, erasing the blemishes of our city, and sparking a God-sized movement of the Holy Spirit across our city, our state, region, nation, and throughout the world.

Our Values  
Awe & Wonder
We passionately pursue authentic experiences of God since none of our own contemporary culture’s substitutes satisfies the deepest needs of our souls.
Shared Life
We value living interdependent lives as a spiritual family where everyone can find their worth, value, and belonging.
Discovering Jesus
We are so captivated and compelled by Jesus that we seek authentic opportunities to introduce others to Him to experience the transformation He longs to see in our lives.
Embracing Brokenness
Centered in the continuing work and mission of Jesus, we seek to serve others with a radical generosity.
Discovering who Jesus made us to be
We are driven to help everyone discover their identity, gifts, and passions in Jesus.
We use the Bible as the deliberate foundation of every aspect of our lives.
We celebrate and reflect the mosaic diversity of God’s Kingdom in our church.